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Catamaran Commercial Services
Commercial Services

Catamaran Commercial provides on-demand maintenance and repair services to customers in commercial and light industrial markets. We take pride in providing qualified help to perform maintenance and repair tasks with predictable and fair pricing.

Our Services

Catamaran Commercial provides on-demand maintenance and repair services for customers in a wide range of commercial and light industrial markets. Although each customer is different, we recognize that when customers need help, they want a company that can perform quality work, respond quickly, and provide predictable and fair pricing. For our customers, Catamaran stands out among the competition by providing:


Catamaran provides access to highly qualified maintenance professionals, all of whom are thoroughly vetted using background checks, drug screening, skills testing and licensing reviews. Our thorough qualification process ensures your satisfaction each time you utilize Catamaran's maintenance and repair services.


Today’s business operates at lightning speed. Catamaran’s on-demand services enable owners and operators with the tools and help they require to keep up. No business can afford to wait hours or days to fix a problem. When you need support, Catamaran’s maintenance and repair technicians respond immediately and complete the repair as quickly as possible. 

Cost Efficiency

Maintenance can be costly, but downtime can be far more expensive. Using Catamaran for your emergency maintenance and repair needs enables you to reduce the cost of repairs by creating a competitive environment for our service providers which produces lower costs and a higher quality of services.

Breadth of Services

Catamaran has the capabilities needed to support all your maintenance needs, allowing you to consolidate numerous suppliers down to one. Whether it's plumbing, electrical, HVAC, equipment or any other problem within your facility, we are available 24/7 to help your business operate as smoothly as possible.

Maintenance Specialists

Catamaran Commercial provides businesses with a complete range of maintenance and repair services. Our commercial business has two objectives: first, to supply our customers with on-demand, high quality maintenance support and second, to give our independent field workers the control and flexibility they deserve.


To ensure our maintenance specialists are able to exceed the expectations of our customers, we only select the most qualified people with the right tools and equipment to be part of the Catamaran team. Our approval process includes background checks, drug tests, skill testing and license reviews, as well as insurance verification.


The safety of maintenance professionals is critically important to Catamaran. Whether driving to a customer site, picking up supplies, or performing a repair project, we expect all of our employees to work safely. This includes wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, following industry standards and best practices, and applicable laws and regulations.

  • Catamaran provides Construction, Fabrication, Turnaround, Maintenance and Repair services to customers primarily in the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, and Power Generation industries.
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